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Dear customers,
Lycan is  high performance low friction wiper for general use and long live time without any oil film on stanchion tube surface ( dry lube system )
Lycan Edge is the top of high performance low friction seal for racers or peoples who want the  maximum performance, so the lowest friction and against wear need a small controlled lubrication! That's why a small oil film will be on stanchion tube surface! Please check your stanchion tube surface condition and bushing play regularly. Bad stanchion tube surface finishing, tubes wear and too much bushing play will cause leaking on Lycan Edge,
Lycan Edge has special PTFE coating which is a self-lubricate material, therefore, only put light slick honey grease on wiper instead of suspension oil into lower. For performance, we recommend riders should arrange service to replace seals every 30hrs riding.

* Oil type and q'ty : Please refer to the owner’s manual  of your fork and use recommended oil type and quantity
Cheers and Enjoy your maximum suspension performance!